We are the largest independent distributor of speciality alkylates (alkyl benzenes) in Europe, having more than 25 years experience in this area.

These synthetic oils have many attractive features including :-
  • good thermal and oxidative stability
  • high flash points
  • low pour points
  • low to high aniline points
  • good solubilising characteristics
  • generally light in colour with low odour
  • low Conradson carbon residues
  • low or zero chlorine content
  • normally classed as non-hazardous
  • low levels of polynuclear aromatics

Janex has a wide range of qualities available, some of which are readily biodegradable. We have a wide variety of viscosities to meet formulation requirements. 

Alkylates are an economical alternative to other synthetic lubricants and in certain markets enjoy tax advantages when compared to mineral oils.

The main end uses include :-

  • dielectric oils
  • fat liquoring oils for the leather industry
  • greases
  • heat transfer oils
  • lube additives
  • metal forming lubricants
  • plasticisers and extenders
  • printing inks
  • refrigeration and compressor oils
  • sulfonation feedstocks

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