Di-isobutylene (DIB)

Janex, as European agent for Texas Petrochemicals LP (TPC), offers a unique high assay DIB. Due to the raw material used and TPC’s proprietary technology our DIB has a very high isomeric purity. Our quality typically contains in excess of 99% of the 2,4,4-trimethyl pentene 1+2 isomers. This purity is critical in various applications where the presence of other isomers and codimers is undesired.

Depending on the application, our DIB can result in :-

  • enhanced process yields

  • higher quality end products

  • savings in process costs

Applications for DIB include, but are not limited to :-

  • fuel + lubricant additives 

  • iso-nonanoic acid

  • neo-acids

  • octylated diphenylamine

  • octylphenol (for resin and surfactant use)

  • perfumery

  • photographic chemicals

  • water-soluble polymers

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