Polyisobutylene (PIB)

Janex represent Texas Petrochemicals LP (TPC) in Europe for PIB. TPC has developed a proprietary reactor and unique process technology to produce a wide viscosity range of polyisobutylenes.

TPC produces both high reactive (HR) PIB and enhanced reactive PIB.

High Reactive PIB
TPC can produce commercial HR-PIB ranging in molecular weight from 350 to 2,300. The available grades typically have:

  • Alpha-vinylidene contents greater than 80%

  • Consistency of product quality

  • Lower viscosity/ higher viscosity index for given molecular weight as compared to conventional polyisobutylenes

  • Water-white colour

  • Zero chlorides

Enhanced reactive PIB
TPC is the only supplier of true Polyisobutylene homopolymer for conventional polybutene markets. Competitor materials are polybutenes being copolymers of isobutylene, butene-1 and butene-2. TPCís unique process provides for less than 1% of butene-1 and butene-2.

We offer a variety of viscosity grades for industrial markets ranging in molecular weight from 370 to 3,000. 

For more information on TPC's Polyisobutylene product lines and their applications, please click on the TPC logo below

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